Software Team Pro is a highly specialized and diverse group of technology and business professionals.

Our IT service offerings represent a niche collection of solutions developed over years of solving problems for businesses of all sizes.

Web / Mobile

Access to the proper functionality can mean the difference between just getting by and dominating the landscape. Our web development services focus on custom technology and CMS architecture for companies of any size, ensuring you have the solutions you need to compete and conquer.

New Project Code Development

For startups, having a customized solution for your needs right from the start allows you to focus on what you do best instead of being hindered by inadequate systems and technology. Then, hit the ground running with a highly functional website and back-office systems tailored to your needs.

Existing Project
Completion Support

For in-house technology projects that have stalled or hit a snag, Software Team Pro will interface with your IT team to fulfill your project needs, helping you to meet timelines, sharpen the focus, and reduce IT project costs.

Custom Integrations

We specialize in Google Apps Integration, QuickBooks, Salesforce CRM, and AWS Enterprise systems giving you insight into productivity and workflow options that you may not have considered.

Project Management

Our agile approach to project management allows us to tailor our methods to your specific needs. Even if your project is well underway, we can provide guidance, insight, and leadership to help it succeed and complete it more quickly.

CRM Best Practices

Whatever CRM you are using, it should be working for you. We leverage our skills in CRM customization and best practices to connect your systems to Salesforce or any other CRM you like. One of our specialties is developing customized CRM solutions, and we can offer many options for you to consider.

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Software Team Pro is deeply connected to global business processes and to the technology landscape, assuring you have access to future-proof solutions that will grow with you for a long time to come.

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